What is DV Torque?

DV Torque is a collaborative studio for the world’s most talented entrepreneurs to come together and build the next generation of great companies. Entrepreneurs bring their vision, to which DV Torque brings a suite of tools to operationalize and scale from the Boston Consulting Group’s over 80 global offices and their relationships with some of the biggest and most valuable companies on Earth.

The cornerstone of DV Torque is our Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) program. Twice a year, we select and invest up to $500,000 USD in leading entrepreneurs and invite them to San Francisco to work out of our space, take full advantage of our unmatched resources, and build great products with a dedicated team. EIRs have full autonomy over their vision which we pair with the unfair advantage of the Boston Consulting Group: immediate access and scale.

Entrepreneurs are true game changers.

DV Torque Origins

Inspired by Archimedes, one of the greatest mathematicians and inventors of all time, torque is the force it takes to turn something. If you are the force — the energy, the spirit, the idea machine — then Torque is the tool that can help anyone turn that idea into reality. Torque brings its many tools together in a studio setting where collaboration leads to discovery and growth. In this way, DV Torque functions like an artist’s studio, an atelier if you will. Entrepreneurship is just as much an art as it is a science, and this is the ethos of DV Torque.

Entrepreneurs are true game changers. They constantly challenge the status quo to get results. And yet, no entrepreneur can act alone. Every entrepreneur can benefit from the wisdom and resources of those with exemplary track records. Enter DV Torque. DV Torque’s unparalleled resources, with the Boston Consulting Group, provide entrepreneurs with the wisdom from those who have started, scaled, and grown some of the biggest companies in the world. With corporate venture becoming a path for more and more entrepreneurs, the Boston Consulting Group’s incredible talent, vision, and execution prowess provide a true unmatched edge.